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Patient Data Collection System: MNSTAR

MNSTAR is a web application developed by the EMSRB to collect, store and query EMS data in Minnesota and is part of the National EMS Information System (NEMSIS). NEMSIS is a national effort to standardize the prehospital data collected by EMS agencies. NEMSIS is the national repository that will be used to potentially store EMS data from every state in the nation. Since the 1970s, the need for EMS information systems and databases has been well established, and many statewide data systems have been created.

The MNSTAR system has several key features for use by Minnesota ambulance providers. Licensed ambulance services serving Minnesota communities can now report and review local prehospital data for quality assurance and administrative purposes. Working together, Minnesota-licensed ambulance services and the EMSRB will strive to maintain and improve the quality of prehospital emergency care provided within the State of Minnesota. The goal of MNSTAR is to enable the EMSRB and licensed ambulance services to monitor prehospital emergency care, and therefore protect and improve the quality of life for the citizens of Minnesota. Trauma data is now being collected from ambulance services and hospitals and being reviewed by State and Regional Trauma Committees.

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