Featured Video: Minnesota's Distracted Driving Challenges

This video features interviews with Minnesotans about their perspectives on distracted driving.

Additional Videos

Austin Melville PSA

Classmates Marcus Sherels and Austin Melville shared many similarities, including a love of football, but only one of them was able to live out his dream. In 2010, after recently graduating from Winona State, Austin was killed when he was struck by a drunk driver.

Distracted Driver II: National Safety Council driver course except 

This lesson shows the dangers of driving while distracted and explains how cognitive distraction affects the brain.

One Call Can Change Everything

Watch the story of John and Jean Good. Proud parents, great friends and outstanding individuals who were killed in a crash involving a cell phone distracted driver. The video also shares the story of Kelsey Raffaele, a beautiful and energetic high school student who made the decision to talk on her cell phone while driving, and in doing so, caused the crash that killed her.

It Takes Just Seconds... 

Rob and Shari Reynolds discuss the loss of their 16-year-old daughter, Cady, who was killed in a car crash involving another teen driver texting behind the wheel. The video also emphasizes that parents need to set a good example and enforce restrictions on the cell phone use of their teens while driving.

Death by Cell Phone: If You Care, We Can Make a Difference 

David Teater and Jennifer Smith discuss the loss of their loved ones from distracted driving motor vehicle crashes and the need for drivers to stop using wireless devices while driving. The video also addresses the work the National Safety Council is doing to keep drivers safe.

Highway Safety Challenge: Room to Live

Fox 9 News reporter Trish Van Pilsum shows how occupant protection zones in vehicles involved in fatal crashes may have saved the lives of the drivers and passengers had they been wearing their seat belts. 


Motorcycle PSA

How Ignition Interlock Works

This Minnesota Department of Public Safety video explains how ignition interlocks work and their benefits for road safety.

What's Your Goal? (full version)

This TZD-produced video features Minnesotans on the street sharing their thoughts about the numbers and causes of traffic fatalities.

What's Your Goal (short version)

This TZD-produced video features Minnesotans on the street sharing their thoughts about the numbers and causes of traffic fatalities.

Department of Public Safety Video

This Minnesota Department of Public Safety TV spot focuses on the importance of parents setting rules and reinforcing laws for their teen drivers.

Public Safety DUI Halloween Video

Help your family, friends, and colleagues avoid a real Nightmare on Elm Street this Halloween. This Department of Public Safety video features officer video of Halloween-costumed DWI offenders. Share this with family, friends, and colleagues and post on social media sites to encourage people to plan ahead for a safe and sober ride.

Illinois DOT Click It or Ticket PSA

A Click it or Ticket campaign by the Illinois Department of Transportation uses zombies to stress the importance of buckling up.

International Road Federation Award Acceptance Video

Video created for the 2010 TRB Annual Meeting awards banquet, at which the Minnesota TZD program was presented with an award from the International Road Federation.

2009 TZD Conference Opening Session

Video overview of the Minnesota Toward Zero Deaths program from its inception, including interviews with its founders and key stakeholders, shown during the opening session of the Minnesota TZD Conference in Duluth in October 2009.