2020 Minnesota TZD Webinar Series

The 2020 Minnesota TZD Webinar Series, held in lieu of the TZD Statewide Conference, included 12 webinars held in October and November 2020. The series highlighted the latest trends and traffic safety initiatives and featured expert guests sharing a cross-section of topics from all four Es.

Complete descriptions, speaker information, credit details, and webinar recordings are available on each individual webinar page.

Webinar Series Schedule

October 20, 2020

Traffic Safety Trailblazers: Lessons Learned from Norway and Sweden

COVID, Court Decisions, and Challenges: Legal and Legislative Updates Affecting Traffic Safety

October 21, 2020

Case Reconstruction: Building Your Case After Leaving the Scene

October 22, 2020

Making a Difference with Teen Safety Programs in the U.S.

October 27, 2020

Philosophy Isn’t Just for Academics: Applying Stoicism to EMS Response and Traffic Safety Planning

October 29, 2020

Safe Systems: A Human-Centered Approach to Traffic Safety

November 2, 2020

Meet the Manufacturers Day 1

November 4, 2020

Meet the Manufacturers Day 2

November 10, 2020

You Can’t Stop What You Don’t Know: Current Alcohol and Drug Trends and Identifiers

November 12, 2020

Improving Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Through Corridor-Based Collaboration and Data Analysis

November 17, 2020

Community Engagement Strategies for Teen Driver Safety Parent Awareness Programs

November 19, 2020

Impacts to Traffic Safety During a Pandemic


Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits, CPS Continuing Education Units (CEUs), EMS CEUs, POST credits, and Professional Development Hours (PDHs) are available for qualified webinars. Details are available on each webinar page.

POST Credit Details

If you watched a live webinar with a group of individuals, viewers not signed on with their own email need to submit an Affidavit of Attendance to tzd@umn.edu by March 31, 2021, to receive credit.

POST credits are also available for individuals who choose to view recorded webinars by March 31, 2021. Viewers will need to submit an Affidavit of Attendance to tzd@umn.edu by this deadline.

Affidavit of Attendance forms for each event are available on the individual webinar pages.


The webinar series was offered by the Minnesota Toward Zero Deaths Program and the Minnesota Departments of Health, Public Safety, and Transportation, with funding from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The series was hosted by the University of Minnesota's Center for Transportation Studies and facilitated by the College of Continuing and Professional Studies.