About the Advisory Council on Traffic Safety

Minnesota’s Advisory Council on Traffic Safety was established during the 2023 state legislative session to improve traffic safety for all users on all Minnesota roads. 

In this role, the council will:

  • Advise the governor and Minnesota commissioners of public safety, transportation, and health on policies, programs, and services affecting traffic safety.
  • Advise the appropriate state departments on TZD program activities.
  • Encourage state agencies to conduct research in the field of traffic safety.
  • Review all grants dealing with traffic safety and state and local traffic safety plans.
  • Review recommendations of the council’s subcommittees and working groups.
  • Make recommendations on safe road zone measures under Sec. 43 [169.065] of House File 2887.

For more about the council, please see the full text of the bill, House File 2887, starting with line 84.6.



For more information about the council, contact Stephanie Malinoff at malinoff@umn.edu.