TZD 2.0: The Next Generation of Minnesota TZD

Minnesota’s Toward Zero Deaths Program was founded in 2003 with the goal of bringing traffic safety stakeholders together to reduce deaths and serious injuries on Minnesota roadways. Minnesota made great progress toward this goal in the early years of TZD. However, Minnesota TZD is now nearly 20 years old, and there has recently been little reduction in deaths and serious injuries on the state's roadways as well as little structure change to the organization since its inception. 

TZD leadership recognized that it must act now to re-establish progress toward zero deaths. To that end, the goal of TZD 2.0 was to assess and update the Minnesota TZD organizational structure, providing a fresh framework that will allow the program to be flexible to local needs, produce new and innovative strategies to improve traffic safety, and reenergize stakeholders in our drive toward the ultimate goal of zero fatalities. 

The project team recommended changes to the existing program structure and operations that will help TZD move toward its goals. Implementation of these recommendations is being led by TZD leadership, who are reviewing the recommendations, engaging stakeholders, and defining and refining the specific next steps for the program.

Read the summary report: TZD 2.0: The Next Generation of Minnesota's Toward Zero Deaths Program (PDF)

More Information

If you’d like to learn more about this effort or have questions, please contact Kristine Hernandez, Statewide TZD Communications and Marketing Director and TZD 2.0 project manager, at 507-273-0677 or