TZD 2.0: The Next Generation of Minnesota TZD

Minnesota’s Toward Zero Deaths Program was founded in 2003 with the goal of bringing traffic safety stakeholders together to reduce deaths and serious injuries on Minnesota roadways. Minnesota made great progress toward this goal in the early years of TZD. However, Minnesota TZD is now 18 years old, and there has recently been little reduction in deaths and serious injuries on Minnesota roadways. We must act now to jump-start our progress toward zero deaths.

The TZD program is currently undergoing a review of how we might do things differently. We have already reviewed the program’s overall priorities and implementation strategies. Now, we are looking at how the program is structured.

Engagement Dashboard

Interested in what we've found so far? Check out our TZD 2.0 engagement dashboard to see the themes that emerged in this year's regional workshops, stakeholder interviews, and online survey.

More Information

If you’d like to learn more about this effort or have questions, please contact Kristine Hernandez, State Toward Zero Deaths Program Coordinator and TZD 2.0 Project Manager, at 507-273-0677 or