Annual Minnesota TZD Awards

Each year the TZD program gives awards to recognize individuals and organizations who have demonstrated excellence in their efforts to move Minnesota toward zero deaths. Recipients are selected by TZD Leadership based on recommendations from the TZD Awards Subcommittee.

TZD Star Awards

The Toward Zero Deaths Star Awards are given to recognize excellence in enforcement, emergency medical and trauma services, education, engineering, child passenger safety, and judicial/court systems. Award recipients have demonstrated exceptional creativity, leadership, and organizational skills and the ability to successfully motivate and collaborate with others in efforts to move toward zero deaths on Minnesota’s roads.

Kathy Swanson Outstanding Service Award

The Kathy Swanson Outstanding Service Award recognizes an individual who has shown exceptional leadership in efforts to improve traffic safety in Minnesota, build partnerships, and mentor others in the field. This individual will also have demonstrated a long-term passion, dedication, and commitment to reducing the number of deaths and injuries resulting from crashes on Minnesota roads.

Traffic Safety Innovation Award

The Traffic Safety Innovation Award recognizes organizations for new or creative traffic safety solutions that help save lives on Minnesota roads. The award is given for work on specific actions, initiatives, programs, best practices, marketing campaigns, partnerships, or products.

Emerging Leader Award

The Emerging Leader Award was established to recognize leaders who are students that display excellence in increasing traffic safety awareness. Recipients have demonstrated creativity, vision, leadership, and organizational skills, as well as the ability to successfully motivate and influence their peers in efforts to move toward zero deaths on Minnesota roads.

TZD Media Award

The Toward Zero Deaths Media Award is given to recognize an individual or organization in the media that has demonstrated excellence in raising public awareness about traffic safety. Recipients have gone beyond the typical news story and shown a commitment to reducing traffic fatalities and serious injuries in Minnesota.

Distinguished Public Leadership Award

The Distinguished Public Leadership Award was established to recognize public leaders who—through their vision, leadership, and knowledge—have influenced traffic safety policy directions that benefit society. Recipients are selected by Minnesota TZD; external nominations are not solicited for this award. 

Special Recognition Award

The Special Recognition Award is given to acknowledge efforts that demonstrate the use of enhanced innovation and strategic partnerships to promote traffic safety in Minnesota.