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Minnesota Traffic Incident Management (TIM)
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Traffic incident management, or TIM, is a coordinated effort by all responders to accommodate their safety, victims’ safety, incoming traffic’s safety, and overall mobility.

Responders include those working as public safety telecommunicators or in related communications, emergency medical services, fire and rescue, law enforcement, towing and recovery, and transportation and public works.

Featured News

2024 Crash Responder Safety Week

Crash Responder Safety Week, Nov. 18–22, is an opportunity to promote Move Over laws and Traffic Incident Management (TIM) training for all traffic incident responders. To help in that effort, the MN State Patrol has created a video highlighting the danger faced by responders.

What Is a Traffic Incident?

  • A crash or stalled vehicle
  • Debris on the roadway
  • A vehicle or grass fire
  • An unplanned and nonrecurring event—such as flooding, a road heave or buckle, felony traffic stop, or tender/tanker operations
  • ANYTHING that brings a responder out to the road in an emergency

TIM Goals

  • Reduce responder exposure
  • Reduce secondary crashes
  • Reduce incident clearance time
  • Reduce travel delay

Minnesota Traffic Crash Impacts (2021)

Source: Minnesota Motor Vehicle Crash Facts 2021
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People involved in crashes

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Motor vehicles involved in crashes

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$2.03 billion

Economic loss to Minnesota