This section provides information and links to resources in the critical emphasis areas identified in Minnesota's Strategic Highway Safety Plan and other topics that are focus areas for reducing fatalities and injuries on Minnesota's roads.

Speedometer showing 101 miles per hour
Aggressive Driving
Person biking in traffic
Bicycle Safety
Mother buckling toddler in car seat
Child Passenger Safety
Commercial vehicle on road
Commercial Vehicles
Lawyer shaking hands with client with gavel in foreground
Courts and Legislation
Woman driving and looking at a smartphone
Distracted Driving
crashed car educational display
Ambulance on nighttime roadway
Emergency Medical and
Trauma Services
Police cars with helicopter flying overhead
police stopping potential impaired driver
Impaired Driving
man with woman passenger riding motorcycle on rural highway
Motorcycle Safety
Older female driver
Older Drivers
people walking
Pedestrian Safety
Cars stopped for train at rail crossing
Rail Crossing Safety
School bus with stop sign engaged
School Bus Safety
Person clicking seat belt
Seat Belt Use
car crash in intersection
video interview being conducted
Winter Driving
Teen driver
Young Drivers