About Minnesota TZD

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Minnesota TZD is the state’s cornerstone traffic safety program, employing an interdisciplinary approach to reducing traffic crashes, injuries, and deaths on Minnesota roads.

Minnesota TZD Mission, Goals, & Values


Our mission is to create a culture for which traffic fatalities and serious injuries are no longer acceptable through the integrated application of education, engineering, enforcement, and emergency medical and trauma services. These efforts will be driven by data, best practices, and research.


  • Pursue public support of traffic safety as a priority
  • Strengthen TZD as a priority for all units of government and traffic safety partnerships
  • Promote and implement effective traffic safety initiatives


  • Continuous improvement
  • Engaged partners
  • Evidence-based approaches

The 4 Es

The TZD program team has identified four major focus areas for communities working to reduce traffic injuries and fatalities:

  • Education: Giving drivers the knowledge they need to avoid hazardous driving practices and choose responsible behavior.
  • Emergency Medical & Trauma Services: Providing fast, efficient emergency medical and trauma services to reduce fatalities and serious injuries whenever a crash does occur.
  • Enforcement: Ensuring compliance with traffic laws to change driver behavior and reduce unsafe driving practices.
  • Engineering: Changing the roadway—with cable median barriers, signage, the roadside, and more—to make travel safer.

Program Documents

TZD 2.0: The Next Generation of Minnesota's Toward Zero Deaths Program

Final summary of the TZD 2.0 project in October 2022.

Legislative Update (PDF)

Presentation given to Minnesota legislators in January 2021.

TZD program overview
Minnesota TZD Overview

Minnesota TZD Overview (PDF)

Brief overview of TZD program actions, goals, and suggestions for getting involved.

Roadmap of Partners (PDF)

Visual representation of potential TZD partners in your community.

Minnesota TZD: 10 Years of Progress (PDF)

Report highlighting the TZD program's accomplishments in its first decade.

Meeting Minutes

Minutes from TZD Leadership Team and TZD Program Team meetings.

Program Video

What's Your Goal video features people-on-the-street interviews about traffic safety fatality goals to drive home the message that even one fatality is too many.