Distinguished Public Leadership Award

The Distinguished Public Leadership Award was established to recognize public leaders who—through their vision, leadership, and knowledge—have influenced traffic safety policy directions that benefit society. Recipients are selected by Minnesota TZD; external nominations are not solicited for this award.

2023 Recipients

Minnesota State Senator Jim Carlson, Minnesota State Senator D. Scott Dibble, Minnesota State Representative Frank Hornstein, and Minnesota State Representative Lucy Rehm

This award was given to four individuals this year in recognition of their commitment and leadership to improve traffic safety through community policing and engagement.

Representative Frank Hornstein and Senator D. Scott Dibble, transportation committee chairs in the Minnesota Legislature, initiated traffic safety discussions in October 2022 that led to the formation of the Safe Roads Act, which was chiefly authored by Representative Lucy Rehm and Senator Jim Carlson. This legislation included many TZD 2.0 components in the final omnibus transportation bill, among them: $12 million for rural high-risk roadways; $2 million for grants to local law enforcement for speed, seat belt, distraction, and impairment activities; $10 million to MnDOT targeted toward improving high-risk roadways and intersections; and $4 million for creating the Advisory Council for Traffic Safety. Representatives Hornstein and Rehm and Senators Dibble and Carlson all actively supported and participated in traffic safety issues while collaborating with TZD and administration leadership. They championed traffic safety throughout the legislative debate to ensure a benchmark step forward for traffic safety funding and policy.

Jim Carlson
Senator Carlson
D. Scott Dibble
Senator Dibble
Frank Hornstein
Representative Hornstein
Lucy Rehm
Representative Rehm


Past Recipients


  • Chief Jeff Tate, Shakopee Police Department 
  • Sheriff Kevin Torgerson, Olmsted County


  • Paul Aasen, President, Minnesota Safety Council


  • Kristine Hernandez, Statewide Minnesota TZD Program Coordinator


  • Mark Uglem
  • Frank Hornstein
  • Jim Carlson
  • Scott Newman


  • Lisa Kons, Traffic Programs Manager, Minnesota Safety Council


  • David Bernstein, Minnesota DWI Task Force chair and Assistant Minneapolis City Attorney


  • Gary Kroells, West Hennepin Public Safety Department


  • Gordy Pehrson, Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety
  • Captain Michael Hanson, Minnesota State Patrol


  • Lynne Goughler, Mothers Against Drunk Driving 
  • Tim Held, Minnesota Department of Health


  • Tom Sorel, AAA Minneapolis


  • Steve Simn, University of Minnesota


  • Mark Ritchie, Minnesota Secretary of State
  • Michael Campion, Department of Public Safety


  • Jean Ryan, Department of Public Safety


  • Jim Carlson, Minnesota Senate
  • Melissa Hortman, Minnesota House of Representatives
  • Cheri Marti, Department of Public Safety
  • Steve Murphy, Minnesota Senate
  • Kim Norton, Minnesota House of Representatives