TZD Media Award Recipients

2021 Recipients: Ken Thomas and Tess Taylor

Tess Taylor and Ken Thomas
Tess Taylor and Ken Thomas

The 2021 award was given to 106.7 WJJY’s Ken Thomas and Tess Taylor of Hubbard Radio Baxter in recognition of their support of local partnerships to educate and influence listeners about traffic safety. For years they—along with Hubbard Radio—have helped develop fresh and relevant traffic safety PSAs that use local leaders, athletes, and traffic safety partners. They have also helped recruit and record famous athletes to provide influential messaging at no cost to TZD partners. In addition, Ken and Tess dedicate a half hour every month to a current traffic safety topic.

Past Recipients

  • 2017—Tim Harlow
  • 2016—Dodge County Independent Newspaper
  • 2015—KKLN 94.1
  • 2014—Jennifer Austin, KBJR-TV
  • 2013—Jason Manning and KQDS Radio
  • 2012—ABC 6 news team, KAAL-TV
  • 2011—Trish Van Pilsum, FOX-9 News
  • 2010—Star Tribune
  • 2009—Stan Turner, Minnesota News Network
  • 2008—Jeff Passolt, FOX-9