TZD Star Awards

Star awards on a display table

The Toward Zero Deaths Star Awards are given to recognize excellence in enforcement, emergency medical and trauma services, education, engineering, child passenger safety, and judicial/court systems. Award recipients have demonstrated exceptional creativity, leadership, and organizational skills and the ability to successfully motivate and collaborate with others in efforts to move toward zero deaths on Minnesota’s roads.

2021 Nominations

Nominations for the 2021 awards are now closed.

Winners will be notified the week of August 23, 2021, and the awards will be presented at the 2021 TZD conference.

Nomination Guidelines

  • Nominees must be individuals. Organizations cannot be nominated for the award.
  • Nominees must be from the state of Minnesota.
  • You may submit more than one nomination.


View a list of previous recipients of the TZD Star Awards.

More Information

With questions about the awards, please contact Linda Dolan at or 612-625-4533.