2023 West Central Minnesota Toward Zero Deaths Regional Roundtables

These roundtables provided an opportunity for local partners throughout the region to share up-to-date information, reinforce traffic safety culture and TZD values, and promote teamwork and collaboration among all the E’s. Participants will have opportunities to ask questions and give feedback to help improve TZD efforts in the region.

The roundtable events were held in place of a 2023 West Central Minnesota TZD Regional Workshop.

Event Objectives

  • Build relationships
  • Find new partners and voices in the region
  • Listen and learn about local issues and concerns
  • Raise hope
  • Build stronger traffic efforts at a local level to support the region

Desired Outcomes

  • Newly built regional efforts
  • A common purpose and goals for the region
  • Strategic plans

More Information

Contact Katy Kressin, West Central Minnesota TZD Regional Coordinator, at 218-849-0048 or katy.kressin@state.mn.us.